Mr Adediran Adeyemi Is A Nigerian Musician And Song- Writer And A Lover Of God And The Beautiful Things In Life.

He Had An Interview With Us At THE RHAJI KASCO.

Check It Out Below !!
1. Can we meet you?

>My name is Adediran Adeyemi Popularly known as “Sokid”

2. How was growing up like ?

> Confusing lol I did go through a lot of struggles afterwards. Not certain if I was actually truly saved now,I still had more struggles.

3. What inspired you into Music? How did it start?

>Unknown to many people, I came from a musical home,Music is what I do right from my tender age.

4. Were you supported when you told friends, family members about your intentions of doing music?

> Yes Everyone Supported me one way or the other.

5. How has the Journey been so far?

> I won’t lie it’s just not Being easy All way round ,the competition in the music industry  mehnn lol ,But we Thank God for today We are not stopping. We are making a major progress and I am excited about how things are turning out.

6. Any Regrets?

> Never had any regrets 

7. Who are the people you look up to?

>The likes of Davido ,Wizkid Olamide

8. How would you describe the Music Industry in Nigeria?

> I will say Game of throne 

9. How did you come up with the name “stage name”?

> It was my Nick name right from secondary school days Tho unknown to some of my friends.

10. How Many Albums do you have?

 > No Albums Yet ,Got a lot of singles.
 11. Which project will you say you worked on that made you the star you are today?

> All my project but I will say “Connect”pave the way for me.

12. Any Music or Music Video project you are working on presently?

 > Yes Still working on ''Hold You DownDown''

13.What is your angry part when it comes to music?

> Not being able finance a song.

14. Where do you see yourself on few years from now?

> Aiming for Grammy ,Headies ,Bet .

15. People will say “Lagos” is the seat of Entertainment in Nigeria, what will you say to that?

> In My Own Opinion Promotions is the key in Nigerian entertainment Not because you don’t stay in Lagos .

16.Do you collaborate with others?

> No 

17. Any words of encouragement for Youths, Teenagers and even the Adults out there who would love to or do something related to music?

> Don’t Depend on anyone  Push yourself before they comes for you.

18. How do u relax?

> I Don’t Relax My Team And I are working hard every good day.

19. How do you cope between being a father at home with your wife and kids and being a boss at work (what you do)?

> Really Don’t Have Much Experience about that ,When Its Time We Will Cross the bridge.

20. Any Hobbies?

> Playing Games.
21. Any Intentions to move into another aspect of career sooner or later?

> Later on Might Be a producer also,I  have passion for it.

22. Who are the people you look up to generally as role models out there?

> Davido ,Wizkid ,Olamide Reekado Banks ,lil Kesh Burna boy.

23. What is the next project fans should be expecting from you?

> Might Drop a New World class single soon.

24. Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans?

> I’m Cool With Them tho some fans can be so frustrating at times ,We just chill and settle things out.

25. Give a prayer/words to your fans.

> Shout out to you guys that always support TeamSokid,I owe you guys a lot, I pray we all make it one day.

26. Lastly I hope when next we call you up ,I hope you will be able to create time for us again ?

> I’m In For that anytime ,Any day.


  1. So much love sokid imparticular most of tracks motivate me


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