MEET:- Idowu Tiwaloluwa Emmanuel, Is A Nigerian Musican, Producer And Song- Writer And A Lover Of God And The Beautiful Things In Life.

He Had An Interview With Us At THE RHAJI KASCO.

Check It Out Below !!

1. Can we meet you?

I'm Idowu Tiwaloluwa Emmanuel, also know as "DON TIWHYZI"/Upcoming artist and producer.

2. How was growing up like (Background)?

 Not easy to start music because you won't see person to help you out until you show your seriousness and I'm Christmas background. 

3. What inspired you into Music? How did it start?

When ever I listen to a sound I feel like something came on my mind like singing and i started music when I was 14years old at my school then Irolu Community High School.

 4. Were you supported when you told friends, family members about your intentions of doing music?

 Yes, my friend and family supported me, they let me focus on music.

 5. How has the Journey been so far?

The Journey not too far but is not easy, It been God support I want and I believe that with all the support am gonna get there soon.

 6. Any Regrets?


7. Who are the people you look up to?

Olamide, wizkid, kissdaniel,burna boy and 9ice.

 8. How would you describe the Music Industry in Nigeria?

Keep moving forward.

9. How did you come up with the name “stage name”?

I got the stage name "DON TIWHYZI " from my friends, I remember then at class when I sing in class and that's SS3 when I sing my first track IFE MI the name was pick out of the song.

10. How Many Albums do you have?

I haven't have album yet but soon.

11. Which project will you say you worked on that made you the star you are today?

MY first track" IFE MI" in 2018 is the song that keep my name till now.

12. Any Music or Music Video project you are working on presently?

Yes, we are trying to work out with the song video and some song.

13.What is your angry part when is come to music?

 When it comes to music, I haven't see nothing angry in music because people don't know too much.

14. Where do you see yourself on few years from now?

I've archive so many things in music.

15. People will say “Lagos” is the seat of Entertainment in Nigeria, what will you say to that?

 Yes I believe because that's the largest place that make table maketable in Africa, I just have to keep focusing on my music.

16.Do you collaborate with others?

Yes I collaborate with others because I don't know the person God will send to me. 

17. Any words of encouragement for Youths, Teenagers and even the Adults out there who would love to or do something related to music?

 You just have to believe and don't relent on all what you are doing. 

18. How do u relax?

I relax by listen to music and know some new word to add when it time for composition.

19. How do you cope between being a father at home with your wife and kids and being a boss at work (what you do)?

I'm not father yet but sure in more years I'll be and I don't want to be boss because if you feel like you are boss you won't collaborate with others to learn more about music.

20. Any Hobbies?

 I love good music.

21. Any Intentions to move into another aspect of career sooner or later?

I'll keep doing my music production .

22. Who are the people you look up to generally as role models out there?

I look up to God and the powerful people in world.

 23. What is the next project fans should be expecting from you?


24. Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans?

I believe that without fans no one will listen to my music, my fans are my family.

 25. Give a prayer/words to your fans.

 God will keep blessing you all.

 26. Lastly I hope when next we call you up ,I hope you will be able to create time for us again ?

  Yes and really appreciate. 

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