1. Communication

Learn to LISTEN to your partner. Talk about everything and anything with them. Please don’t assume you know what they are thinking or what their stances are on specific topics, ASK. Don’t expect them to know how you are feeling, open your mouth and talk!

2. Privacy

Keep people out of your business. Do your best not to give too much information about your relationship to anyone (except a professional counsellor). Resolve your fights without involving external parties.

3. Service

Go into a relationship looking to be of assistance. Help your partner grow in every aspect of life, help them achieve their dreams, and do these things without expecting anything in return. Never keep score and never count your fingers.

4. Financial freedom

You both need to work smart, save, and invest, so money is never a problem.

5. Spirituality

Pray with your partner and also pray for them regularly.

6. Forgiveness

You have to be mentally ready to forgive your partner for their worst possible sin(s). I’ll advise you think about the worst thing they could ever do and come to terms with it (even if it never happens). No one is perfect, and it’s natural for humans to err.

7. Bespoke Love

Your interpretation of love might not coincide with theirs. Hence you need to find out how your partner wants to be loved and make concerted efforts to love them that way.

8. Contentment

Never compare your partner or relationship with others. Stay in your lane & ‘face front!’ Focus on attaining true happiness, satisfaction, and achieving your personal and joint goals.

9. Investment

Invest time in learning more about your partner and the things they love and care about. Invest in sharing unique experiences with them. Is there a new movie you’re so excited to see? Go and see it with them. Have you ever wanted to go skydiving? Make sure you do it together, and so on.
Please feel free to add more tips in the comments 🙏🏽

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