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The Raji Kasco Entertainment Foundation [RKEF] was launched to fund sustainable,economical and help the less privileged across Africa & Nigeria. 

All projects have been selected because they have the ability to create a long-lasting positive impact on underserved communities. We believe that these projects will help uplift the condition of the less privileged and help them break free out of the vicious poverty cycle.

We need your HELP to achieve this vision. Support us today, so that we can save the Tomorrow of the underserved communities. 

Why Should I Donate?

We aim to provide and equip communities with resources, education and many more. This will help them steer their life above the poverty line. 

We’ve embarked on this journey to Not Leave Anyone Behind With One Project at a Time. By contributing, we are on a mission to uplift the underserved communities across Nigeria & Africa. 

Some Community projects are not able to deliver their promised impact. This is because they aren’t able to fund their project on time. We aim to bridge this gap, between Sustainable Projects and Funding by providing this platform to connect you to the cause you care about.

We encourage you to be part of our donor community by making regular donations to RKEF. As a daily,weekly,monthly or yearly donor, you would receive regular updates on the progress of our impact projects so you be abreast of how your donations are spent.

Take an action TODAY; you have the power to change the lives of thousands by making a donation!

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